Compliments to the chef

 It has been interesting to see how the whole rhythm of the main building has changed – from hardly ever seeing any of our guests who used to go into Montagu for dinner we now find that from 6.30pm the lounge and bar areas begin to fill up with guests attending the olive oil tasting or having a drink before or after dinner.

 Almost all our guests opt to stay in for dinner – it makes a pleasant evening to have a relaxing dinner accompanied by local wines and to have no worries about driving home. Our four / five course menu can be a little too much for some of our guests but we try to keep our portions relatively small – knowing that we can always serve second helpings if desired. Our starters are ‘dainty’ our soups ‘rich and flavoursome’ our main courses concentrate on the main item with not too much starch accompaniment, we always have a vegetarian option which tends to be lighter. For those with red wine still in their glass, we offer a local cheese board before the dessert, but it can equally appear after the dessert depending on preference. Our desserts are tempting to the eye and to the taste buds.

For those who need a digestif with their coffee or rooibos we have sourced local Limoncello from Klaasvoogds, Grappa from Barrydale and Brandy from Robertson – we are certainly fortunate to be well located amongst amazing wine farms.

Our guests frequently comment favourably on their dining experience with us saying ‘imaginative and delicious’ ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’ for which we are highly flattered and grateful – we have tried to create our own style of ‘estate cuisine’ – simple and unpretentious letting the flavours and freshness speak for themselves and when our guests are happy then so are we.





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