Africa Reps represents Galenia

On a recent visit to South Africa both Joel Crossland (MD of Africa Reps) and Stefania Saporetti (Director for Europe) paid a visit to Galenia to experience the property – even though it is looking a bit like a ‘war zone’ at present – and to sample the delights and potential of the surrounding area.

It was a second visit for Joel who did a reconnaissance visit before the purchase of the property was complete, but this was the first time for Stefania to stay in Montagu even though she is very familiar with the Western Cape. As Africa Reps will be looking after the marketing of Galenia it is important that they are ‘up to speed’ with the developments that are happening in this closed period. It was a good opportunity for us to show them the landscaping project, which is well underway, and the renovations of the main house and the rooms so that they will be able to reliably inform overseas agents and operators about the new Galenia product.

They were able to try out all the facilities on the estate, walking the trails, climbing even the highest mountains (for photographic purposes) and learning about olive harvesting and pressing and even sampling our freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil – being Mediterranean Stefania is used to good quality oil and as we have an Italian cultivar (Frantoio) it was of course her favourite. They also took the opportunity to visit the attractions of the area, visiting the Robertson wine valley estates, boating on the Breede River, and even sampling the tractor experience in the Koo Valley as well as becoming familiar with our picturesque town of Montagu.

They left to go to the Indaba travel show in Durban fired with enthusiasm to meet members of the local and international travel industry and to sing the praises of Galenia, its natural beauty, peace and tranquillity and great location on the alternative Garden Route.

For a first-hand account of their visit why not contact them on and


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